Brief Company Outline

Ruralex was founded in 1983 by a group of fellows graduates from University of Buenos Aires, School of Sciences to start-up the first Custom DNA synthesis and automated sequencing services.

Due to our activity, have developed strong relationship with universities, research institutions, hospitals and health care facilities, diagnostic labs, and pharmaceutical labs.

Ruralex is extremely customer oriented: we are focused on facilitating research. We believe a research lab must not be delayed by unnecesary difficulties in the processing and delivery of supplies, which causes irritation and loss of business.

Our standard policy is to keep an inventory large enough to allow delivery in less than 24hs and provide finance to our clients. First hand experience of lab dynamics and close knowledge of our customers makes us extremely cost-effective at this point. Furthermore, full training of our sales staff allows us to give proper technical support.

Ruralex policy is to «always go the extra mile» to build up a close and steady relationship with our customers.



  • Molecular Bio Products, Inc.
  • Protein Simple
  • Alpha DNA
  • DAAN Diagnostics



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